The Walden Pond Cabin, Henry David Thoreau.  Often duplicated, approximately 10’x15’ uses a privy, has no shower, loft or tub.  Uses the fireplace for cooking. Has a simple contemplative quality to it.  Friends would ask, where do you dine, (read, entertain) and his answer was always outside in nature.


Meet Audrey Wollen, The Feminist Art Star Staging A Revolution On Instagram

At first glance, you might scroll through artist Audrey Wollen’s Instagram and see another aspiring model-type. She’s tall, thin and beautiful, which could easily make for the beginnings of Insta-fame. Like Essena O’Neill (and many young women on Instagram), her account is filled with selfies. If you take a closer look, though, you’ll see that she’s not your conventional Instagram “it” girl.

Let this tragic queen guide you through the murky waters of social media.


Hay-on-Wye, Wales
Astride the border between England and Wales is compact little Hay-on-Wye. Often simply called Hay (the suffix comes from the River Wye, which flows through the town), this is the world’s capital of antiquarian and secondhand books, and a monument to British eccentricity.
Hay was once a sleepy market town surrounded by sheep-grazed hills. Then along came Richard Booth in the 1960s, determined to reverse its economic decline by converting an empty building into the town’s first bookstore. Thanks to his perseverance (and some
successful publicity stunts, such as declaring Hay an independent nation), book buyers came in droves, and the town with a population of 2,000 now has more than 30 bookstores stocking millions of titles among them.
Hay’s annual Festival of Literature, known to bibliophiles everywhere, is the largest gathering of its type in Britain, with writers and poets coming from around the world to give readings and hold informal discussions about their work.