Le Voyageur Incertain

These images are multiple exposures. Favorite path of discovery for surrealists and artists of the new Vision, the multiple exposure brings simultaneously together the different faces of the city. Jérémie Dru revisits this technique in the Paris today. The eye of the architect caught the buildings, this is palpable in the reproduction of the vertical lines, and in the magic feel given by the transcription of the details.

Train journeys can create this mental state that mix space-times, visual feelings, parts of landscape and thoughts. Memories become much more complex to reach a certain confusion state of the instant consciousness. if there is a photographic parallel to the movement, it would include multiple exposure. Jérémie Dru’s informal correspondences put the viewer in the position of the traveler who skip step, still permeated by the poetry of the woods he just walked through, although he has arrived in town, or in the overcrowded metropolitan. Rings, boulevards, avenues, subway platforms, bridges, railways. The different urban axes are merging, inducing the viewer further, confused by trying to rationalize the perception of an endless landscape passing by.

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Löyly Sauna in Helsinki

Promising an experience steeped in myth and intrigue, the sauna lies at the very heart of Finnish society, as a space for relaxing, socializing, purifying and meditating.

Yet until now, the rituals surrounding the sauna have largely remained a private activity: the country has a population of 5.5 million and approximately 3.3 million saunas, the large majority of which are part of Finns’ own homes. Taking the sauna experience out of back gardens and into the public sphere is the dynamic duo Jasper Pääkkönen, the celebrated actor, and politician Antero Vartia. Enlisting the expertise of Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen of local architect firm Avanto, the team designed the shell-like complex to jut out of Helsinki’s harbor as if part of the landscape itself. All images by Johannes Romppanen & Risto Törrö of Duotone for Ignant.

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Hog Pen Creek Residence Lake|Flato Architects

Situated at the confluence of Hog Pen Creek and Lake Austin, Hog Pen Creek Residence was envisioned by its owners as a place that evokes the playfulness of summer on the lake and emphasizes exterior living space. Towering heritage oak trees, a steeply sloping site and aggressive setbacks from the water created challenging site constraints thoughtfully answered by the home’s L-shaped footprint and orientation. A long exterior boardwalk connects a series of structures that stair step down the hillside, crossing a 75-foot lap pool and terminating at a screened pavilion by the water’s edge. Twin porches and a two-story living area, with a treetop level master bedroom loft and “crow’s nest” office, allow the house to be both intimate and social, effortlessly engaging guests and owners.

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Lake|Flato Architects


In his travels Marco Polo vividly described the cold province of Badakhshan, a prosperous land where horses that descended from Alexander’s horse Bucephalus were once bred and where priceless rubies and the finest lapis lazuli were found.

Since ancient times lapis lazuli has been sourced in this remote region, north-east of modern Afghanistan, and exported over vast distances. Its mines on the steep Hindu Kush Mountains, above the Valley of the Kokcha River, can only be reached through a tortuous and dangerous route. 

Lapis lazuli consists of a large number of minerals, including the blue mineral lazurite, the white mineral calcite and golden specks of iron pyrites.

A laborious process transforms this composite mineral into the pigment ultramarine; various grades of ultramarine can be obtained, from the purest extremely expensive deep blue, composed mostly of lazurite particles to the pale grey so-called ultramarine ash.

Our conservators recently attended a 2-day workshop learning how to make their own ultramarine pigment for use in our own conservation. See the entire process in our Case Study!